Monday, October 12, 2009

GOLD Info Nights - 1st Date Set:

Thursday, November 21st, 2013 @ Prince of Wales Library (7 pm).

The GOLD Information Nights are an opportunity for grade students and their parents to find out more about the programs at David Thompson and Prince of Wales.

Prospective students SHOULD be present--this is quite important--they will have an opportunity to meet some of the current GOLD students from each program and hear for themselves what "actually" happens in the GOLD rooms and in each school.

Staff from each program (Chris Bromige from PW & Jennifer Jack from DT) will be present for both evenings.

General format for these meetings is a short presentation from the teachers regarding the broad outlines of the programs, special attributes of each school, and the referral process. Then there will be a question and answer session with current Goldies fielding the questions.


Firstly, thanks to Dana Kohn, who spearheaded a thrust of donations to assist the program's operations this year. A total of $340 was donated, and there should be tax receipts coming from head office sometime in the next few months(!).

Our first move was to subscribe to Wired and the Utne Reader. This leaves about $240 left to spend. We can, apparently, get Popular Science through PW's Library at no cost.

For the remainder of the money? I'm open to ideas--we thought we could spend a bit of it on room decoration--update some of the posters, print and frame pictures of students past and present... Thought we could use some of it to purchase exciting things like tissues and hand sanitizer.